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They may not have wings, but they have gliders and rockets to compensate

When it comes to flash games, there’s something about penguins that make them awesome. And when it comes to awesome penguin games, this is on the top of our lists. Who wouldn’t love Learn to Fly with its unique humor, funny premise, and fun game play. Those who says penguins can’t fly has never seen the power of a rocket-powered glider before.
Highway Pursuit: The Movie
Posted by: RedCruz, January 27 2012 - 0 comments

The “Bad Boys” of Highway Pursuit

Robbing a bank is only half the job; getting away clean is even tougher. Highway Pursuit is all about that and more! If this was made in to a movie, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence would be perfect for this comedy-action flash game. Now that would be awesome!
This is one guy that won't take an arrow to the knee 

Stick figures, blood, and the ability to shoot other stick figure with arrows. Bowman is a highly addictive game that cost us a few hours within the studio. It has a Human vs Human mode as well making it highly addictive. We imagined these guys as bearded, bad-ass warrior if they weren't stick figures. So here’s our take on Bowman if it was made into a movie. Not to mention Russell Crowe looks so bad-ass in this one.   

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! ~ Gonzo Games Staff

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Since it’s the year of the Dragon, I think this flash game is most fitting to be a movie poster. This franchise is one of the favorite in the studio and you should expect big news about this game in the near future! Unfortunately, no, it ain’t going to be a movie but you can still expect something awesome in the works.

Come to think of it? If the Monkey succeeded, the movie would be over in 2 minutes

Bloons is probably one of those flash games that people won’t forget for the sheer simplicity and wonderful gameplay. I mean, come on, let’s face it; monkey, darts, balloons? It’s a unique combination of weird and awesome that everyone will remember. 

Since it’s a game with balloons, Up was the first movie we could think of. Though, I really don’t think Mr. Fredricksen would welcome the thought of monkeys shooting darts at his home.